It’s just……

a little feeling about Furt


Chris Colfer, and evolution on Conan. Lord, he’s hot.

hot cute and sexy T T

I wore my Halloween costume to work today… can you guess what I am?

AU | Kurt and Sebastian’s first Skype date after Kurt leaves for New York.


shh spoilers ahead

The set judders worryingly as Kurt pushes Blaine up against it, eyes roaming hungrily after weeks of not even a glimpse through pixelated webcams or Blaine’s random glee club updates via shaky pictures of a new costume or board title, popping up on…

crisscolfer & miarren shipper..


I found it incredibly annoying to see your post clogging chris colfer tag.. For those who dont give a fuck about your ship & your ship war (such as me, obviously..), we really dont want to see this kind of shit in Chris Colfer tag. So,please stay in your tag … 

I Hate Blaine…


Seriously?  Am I the only one?